North or South Pembrokeshire? Why not both!

Many visitors head to south Pembrokeshire for sandy beaches such as Barafundle Bay (consistently voted one of the best beaches, not just in Britain but in the world), and charming seaside towns like Tenby and Saundersfoot. Others prefer North Pembrokeshire with its more dramatic and rugged coastline (not that South Pembrokeshire lacks drama – check out Stackpole and Stack Rocks, for example) and its equal charming towns such as St David’s and Newport and extensive beaches like Whitesands (and of course numerous small beaches that the more intrepid can reach by boat or on foot).

But we say: why choose?! Just a stone’s throw from Haverfordwest, the “hub” of Pembrokeshire, Rosemarket is an ideal base: you can reach Newport in North Pembrokeshire in about 45 minutes, and Tenby in 30 minutes, meaning that you can have the best of both worlds - and everything in-between!

Read more here about the delights on offers across the county and why you might prefer not to commit yourself to north or south!

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