Dogs welcome at Church View Cottages

We love dogs at Church View Cottages - these are our two Cocker Spaniels. Codie on the right has been with Owen since he was a puppy and is now 12 years old. He loves pottering about the estate, but isn't keen on the pub! Although he's a bit old for climbing ladders, he still loves a good long walk, and he's very fond of the pond ducks.

George on the left is the new kid on the block - Owen adopted him in the autumn, at 15 months of age. He is young and full of beans - and he does like going to the pub! He loves a good long walk - and usually covers twice the distance of everyone else; given the choice he'd prefer to run, so we have to keen an eye (and a lead) on him at the moment!

Holiday makers are welcome to bring their dogs on holiday, although we do ask that you don't leave them unattended in the cottages. If you want to go out for the day without your hound, you can always book him or her into nearby kennels. Read our Pets policy here.

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