Pembrokeshire's fabulous beaches – which is your favourite?

At 232.5 square miles (620 square kilometres), Pembrokeshire National Park may be one of the smallest national parks in the UK, but it packs plenty in! It has more than 260 miles (420 kilometres) of coast line, and nowhere in the Park is more than 10 miles from the sea. Pembrokeshire equals Devon for the number of Blue Flag beaches!

We have sandy beaches, pebbly beaches, and magnificent coastal features. As well as the big beaches like Freshwater West, Marloes Sands, Newgale, and Whitesands, where you can try all sorts of water sports, there are numerous smaller secluded beaches, offering peace and quiet and opportunities for wildlife spotting. Read more here.

Situated centrally and inland a little, Rosemarket provides a perfect base for exploring the breadth of Pembrokeshire’s beaches: Tenby, Newgale, and Freshwater West are all within a 30 minute drive, depending on how you want to spend your day. Which is your favourite beach?

Of course there is more to Pembrokeshire than beaches - more about that in later posts!

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